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About us

What We Do

Whether it be early advice to avoid the downsides of more formal actions or the best way forward for those businesses that need formal procedures Savant’s team, with over 150 years of direct experience, can help.

Why We Do It

We do what we do because our strong belief is that the vast majority of business owners do not fail by intent but rather by the fact that they lack less than 10% of the skills needed to be successful.

Our services are needed as financial disaster is most often unique, in that most people do not face financial disaster more than once in their lives.

They therefore have no prior experience to fall back on when it occurs. As the stress in the situation builds people start to panic

And may make knee jerk decisions that can substantially harm any future negotiations and, in some cases, are illegal.

We provide the calming hand, the steadying influence and, using our skills and experience, work out a logical plan and strategy to optimize the situation for all stakeholders including the owners, the employees, the creditors and the advisers and consultants.

We work with, and alongside, the business owners and their advisers and consultants so as make sure that they have the best information and support on which to formulate the path forward.