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Our People

Know More About Savants People

Savant’s people bring a multi-disciplinary approach so as to bring the best of practice across the whole spectrum of business to the issues facing our clients


Advice and Formal Insolvency Appointments

  • Chartered Accountant and Registered Insolvency Practitioner
  • Adrian has over 30 years’ experience dealing with businesses in financial difficulties
  • Adrian manages the firm and his insights and experience bring order to the often chaotic state of a struggling business so allow the path forward to be developed

Alice Sparks

Business Development Manager

  • ​​Alice heads our Business Development team
  • Alice's background in client service and business means she know what it takes to establish and maintain trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients


Advice and Informal Restructuring

  • Retired Insolvency Practitioner and Insolvency Practitioner
  • Holds a Master of Business Administration degree. His thesis dealt with turnaround strategies for small to medium sized businesses
  • John’s strength is his ability to bring a lateral mind to each situation and with his storehouse full of previous experiences in being able to craft optimal solutions for businesses requiring reshaping or turnaround



  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Our work increasingly involves businesses where the key asset is their people and with that intellectual property. Madonna brings insights and counselling in how best to treat employees and contractors and how best to maintain the personal strength required of business owners during this transition time in a business’s life
  • Madonna has over 20 years’ experience dealing with trauma and anxiety and these skills work well with the other areas within out team.


Engineer (Mechanical)

  • Samuel is our specialist in hard assets and hardware and in the assessment of their best fit and most efficient use in the productive capacity of a business
  • Our solutions often involve a downsizing of business to their core strengths and Samuel’s experience helps us identify the core assets needed for that task and how best to maximise their use


Software Engineer and Programmer

  • Thomas is our specialist in soft assets and software. Most businesses rely on computer based systems to manage, record and market their products/services.
  • Thomas brings a range of analytical skills and insights into the operation of these systems and defects that may be retarding the business’s success and clear advice on how to refocus the firm’s software strategy to support our restructuring efforts


Marketing, Sales, Public Relations

  • Madeline is our in-house brand, marketing, public relations and selling expert
  • Madeline bring insights into the message and brand that the business needs to promote its new position along with practical strategies to implement on both the business’s communication channels and social media.
  • Madeline also can assist in controlling and managing any negative news that may flow from any restructuring actions


Finance, International Business

  • Joseph is our in-house investment banker who can review the current finance and trade needs of the business we are assisting and then offer valuable and sustainable advice on how to lower costs, increase access and work with new technologies to better manage the cash flow and success of the business

Simon Morell

Senior Manager

  • Simon has over 40 years’ experience in helping and assisting directors with their restructuring/insolvency plans.
  • Providing help and assistance to ‘Board Members’ in all matters relating to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
  • Self-motivated and able to excel in difficult circumstances and a unique ability to solve situations before they happen.

James Cheeseman

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