R&D tax credits allows a business to claim back up to 33% of R&D budgets from its tax bill. We show you how at zero cost! 

Don’t know what R&D Tax credits are? Even better, check eligibility today!

  • No Claim no Fee. Only Successful Claims Charged!
  • 99% Approval for SMEs
  • Average Payout of £57,000
  • Maximum Payouts Assured!
  • Failed Project Costs Can Be Included In Your claim
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is the Average Successful R&D Claim in the UK
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of businesses don't claim their full entitlement of R&D Tax Credits

Why Claim R&D Tax Credits?

Claiming Research & Development Tax Credits with us is easy and provides your business with an essential cash injection, driving growth through reinvestment.

The effects of the pandemic has put cash flow as top priority. As part of the economic recovery, the government has increased R&D funding to make British business the world leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship

Not only do we keep it simple, we only charge when you recieve funding!

How to Claiming R&D Tax Credits Work?
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Can Your Business Claim?

R&D takes place in every business, you can claim up to 33p for every £1 spent on R&D qualified activities. It occurs in everything from farming to automotive engineering, and manufacturing to digital marketing development, and it’s our job to get you the maximum you possibly can.

We have achieved successful applications across a range of industries, from Restaurants with innovative Vegan burgers to Lawyers who never knew they had been undertaking R&D for 2 years! 

Why Claim With Savants?

  • 99% Approval Rates!
  • Don't know what Tax Credits are? We make it simple, navigating the complexities for you
  • We show you how to take advantage of the HMRC's vague and broad R&D criteria!
  • With us you receive the maximum benefit possible!
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Savants were superb. I was developing a Vegan Burger & I had no idea what an R&D tax credit even was, yet I had approval within one day. It could not have come at a better time! Thank-you! 

Shaun Beasley – Stockport