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In partnership with Dr. Najat Benchiba-Savenius, Savants can provide you with exclusive specialist finance solutions focusing on female finance. Get in touch today!

Female Finance Made Easy!

Female run businesses in the UK alone are set to grow exponentially over the next five years.
Without easy and accessible funding however, many female-led companies might find that growth and success will take considerably longer to achieve due to lack of initial and growth capital. 
Both the public and private sector agree that small businesses are vital for the country’s economy and future growth but female-led SMEs are currently at their most vulnerable due to lack of financial advice and support.
At Savants, we have made lending easy for SMEs and as a result, we are here to support our female-led SMEs. 
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Sharia Compliant Finance

With millions of Muslims in the UK, Savants understands the need for a viable alternative to mainstream funding. As a result we have developed Sharia compliant investment products and loans!

Delivered by our trusted partners, our finance products do no attract any interest or finance charges in accordance with strict Islamic practices. 

With the Islamic SME sector booming in the UK, Savants understands the need for wealth products in line with Islamic financial laws. 

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