Savants Restructuring Limited

The privacy policy statement for work undertaken by Savants Restructuring Limited’s insolvency practitioners


This Privacy Statement is a document to explain, how we process your personal information to enable us to carry out our work as insolvency practitioners.

This Statement describes in general terms how we collect and use personal information that was held by companies and/or individuals before our appointment together with data collected during an insolvency procedure, a solvent winding up, or a fixed charge receivership. Our legal obligation to process personal data arises from work we are required to carry out under insolvency and other related legislation.

It has been prepared to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act and any other national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended or updated from time to time, in the UK (‘Data Protection Legislation’).

Data Controller:

Savants Restructuring Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales (‘the Company’) whose principal activity is that of Insolvency Practitioners. The Directors of the company are Caravaggio Quasi and Adrian Duncan. The Company’s’ registered and principal trading address and other contact details are given below. Mr Duncan is licensed to act as an insolvency practitioner in the United Kingdom by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Mr Quasi is not an insolvency practitioner. Other licenced insolvency practitioners of the Company licensed to act as an insolvency practitioner in the United Kingdom are, Mark Goldstein, licensed to act as an insolvency practitioner by the Insolvency Practitioners Association and Kevin McLeod, licenced to act as an insolvency practitioner by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland.

As defined by data protection legislation, our insolvency practitioners are Data Controllers of personal data and the Company will act as Data Processors on their instructions, specifically in relation to an insolvency procedure, a solvent winding up, or fixed charge receivership (collectively, “the insolvency procedure”). Personal data will be kept secure and processed only for matters relating to the insolvency procedure being dealt with.

The data we may process:

The personal data our insolvency practitioners may process will be basic details that may identify an individual and will typically be sufficient to allow us to carry out our work as insolvency practitioners, for example, dealing with the claims of individuals who are owed monies by the insolvency procedure over whom we have been appointed.

However, insolvency practitioners may be appointed over entities that process personal data that is considered more sensitive, for example health records, created before our appointment. Although we will take appropriate steps to safeguard sensitive data (or to destroy it where it is appropriate to do so), subject to limited exceptions, for example, where we identify previous conduct and/or action that requires further investigation, we will not be processing sensitive data.

Sharing data:

We may share personal data with third parties where we are under a legal or regulatory duty to do so, or it is necessary for the purposes of undertaking our work as insolvency practitioners. To this end, we will supply some personal information to TransUnion International UK Limited, which is a credit reference agency providing services such as, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, identity verification and tracing.

TransUnion will use personal information we supply to provide services to us and its other clients. We use their services in order to check personal identity and prevent criminal activity such as fraud and money laundering. More information about TransUnion and the ways in which it uses and shares personal information can be found in its privacy notice at bureau privacy notice

We may also share personal data to lawfully assist the police or other law enforcement agencies or otherwise as permitted by the law.

How long we hold information:

Personal data will be retained for as long as any legislative or regulatory requirement requires us to hold it. Typically, this may be up to 6 years after which it will be destroyed.

Your rights:

You have the right to receive the information contained in this document about how your personal data may be processed by us.

You also have the right to know that we may be processing your personal data and, in most circumstances, to have information about the personal data of yours that we hold, and you can ask for certain other details such as what purpose we may process your data for and how long we will hold it.

Individuals have the right to request that incorrect or incomplete data is corrected and in certain circumstances, you may request that we erase any personal data on you which may be held or processed as part of our work as insolvency practitioners. If you have any complaints about how we handle your personal data, please contact Adrian Duncan at aduncan@savants.co.uk to resolve the issue, where possible. You also have the right to lodge a complaint about any use of your information with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), the UK data protection regulator.

For all purposes in relation to this Statement, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Goldstein and Mr McLeod can be contacted at:
Savants Restructuring Limited, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW
E: info@savants.co.uk
T: 0208 819 3191


We may amplify this Statement at the point of data collection.

We may change the terms of this Statement from time to time and will place any updates on our website www.savants.co.uk. This version is dated 16 August 2021. Paper copies of this Privacy Notice can be obtained free of charge by written request to our offices at the address given above.