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After an interesting few months for individuals and businesses alike, we would like to take a minute and breathe some positivity into the situation. On a company level, we are proud to say we have managed to continue with our business support work, guiding our clients through these incredibly tough times!

During this period every business has had to undergo continual development, even though it is something we should be doing generally, these times have shown businesses why it is so important to keep relevant and enhance its offering.

That’s why at Savants we have done just that! For the most part, an online presence gives the customers an insight into what a business does, in this case, we are proud to say we are expanding to support all corners of the UK and help our country of small businesses and individuals who are working hard to stay relevant. Many however are left with the question of what do we do next?

Before being able to start this kind of process, you have to do the research and analysis (with the information you have) to assess where things currently stand. At Savants, we conducted our very own company’s Business Health Check!

As a company, we feel there are times to think and times to act. In both circumstances, you have to do your preparation. Before COVID struck the world, you could look at the single elements that your business needed to focus on – now with what has happened it isn’t about a single element, it is about the big picture and adapting to the changes in front of you.

The results of our very own Business Health Check helped us understand exactly what is working and what needs attention.

So what did we notice? Beyond the technical figures, we have to look at the fundamentals. When you started your business the first questions is, does your product/service solve a problem? Now the question is: is it still relevant? Stemming from the Business Health Check our strategy had to include a revision of the organisational structure and increase web presence accompanied by an updated marketing strategy.

Why do you relaunch a company?

There are many reasons why you would re-launch a company. At Savants, we are very excited to usher in a new era for our business! But that is not all.

The recent events involving COVID-19 has opened up a whole new vision for the world. It is important to take stock and use times like these to gain perspective. As a business owner, you have to take the positives from every scenario, don’t overlook the negatives of course, but positive growth is what we need at times like this.

That’s why at Savants we see this as an opportunity to develop on the company’s success to date, we are opening offices strategically across the UK so we can be closer to our customers and support the community the best way we know-how. It is at these times Small Businesses and business owners across the UK need our business support more than ever.

With any expansion, the determinant is demand. I hear you say, “if demand has increased then of course just increase your business locations!” NO. The Business Health Check is your first stop, figure out what works well and what doesn’t. You cannot move forward and cope with strains of change without knowing your business inside out, you need to know what to watch out for, what to develop and what works best for your company. Ultimately this process allows you to step away from the problems in front of you and work constructively towards your goals. Remember what you want from your business hasn’t changed, the process has so don’t get bogged down in the details!

What does this mean for our clients?

  1. Closer to you! When you need support or assistance, it is important to be close and we have selected the UK’s locations that we know need our services.
  2. We provide a competitive advantage! As we are actively in the market place and naturally speak to the spectrum of business leaders & owners, we know the trends and can help get ahead of the competition or help you connect to those that matter.
  3. Problem-solving! There has never been a time of such uncertainty, the world has been through various recessions and disasters but nothing like COVID. We are working on the business front line with every issue from insolvency, pension advice, restructuring through to management consultancy. We have the experience across various industries and scenarios meaning we are in the best position to provide any small business support that is required.

The days of B2B for success are still relevant, but it is very understood that a business without an online presence, is it even a business anymore? The new site has been developed to exemplify what we can do to help our clients.

At Savants, we have looked at our approach and decided on the opportunity to expand, beginning with the UK’s North West. We have the experience and capability to help the UK back on its feet and that is what we vow to do.

With our new look and engaging presence, we are very excited to see what we can do to help you! If you have concerns or looking for the next opportunity, get in touch for your Business Health Check and start on that journey now.

Andrew Anthony

Business Director at Savants

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